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All of our products are 100% ingredient transparent.  Proprietary formulas sound important and intriguing, but the truth is, you have no idea what you’re consuming.  Sure, this protects trade secrets, but it leaves everyone else in the dark.  We couldn’t imagine exposing anyone to anything potentially toxic.  We realized that if we wanted safer, quality products, we needed to create them ourselves.  Hence we set out to develop the world's purest products proving you don’t need to sacrifice quality and sophistication for safety.  And we did it!  You can't fake success.


Our mission at Super Seed International is to bring forth knowledge that there is an ultimate form of nutrition superior to all others, to provide the highest quality of natural products designed to enhance the health & beauty, and prolong the life of our consumers while maintaining the highest level of ethics and integrity amongst our employees, partners, clients, business associates, communities, nations and the environment.

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