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Become A Brand Ambassador

Super Seed Intl is looking for micro-influencers. We look for accounts with 1k or more followers, who post regularly (4 posts per month, or more) about industry-related content, with more than 25 posts on their feed.  We are looking for people who embody our industry, whether that is in the wellness, fitness, nutrition or health and beauty sector.  We appreciate your support and desire to represent us.

Benefits of becoming an Ambassador

  • Get paid

  • Earn discounts on the products

  • Participate in the launch of new products

As an Ambassador you have the opportunity to earn commissions with Super Seed Intl! You will earn a 20% commission for anyone that uses your link that will be given to you with your welcome email. This link can be shared within and outside of your social and personal network.  When a sale is completed using your link for commissionable products the system will assign the sale to you and the commission associated with it. This is all tracked using the dashboard.  Once you receive your welcome email and instructions, you will be able to create your own account on our dashboard.  We have a dedicated team to support you and the ambassador program.  The team can be reached by emailing  Once an ambassador, you will be given other means to communicate as well.


We offer industry-leading, performance based pay-scales that start at 20% commissions per gross sale amount and increase with overall gross sales volume.  Commissions are paid after each sale is processed and your commissions will be paid via PayPal, Venmo or Zelle. 

Ambassador expectations

Please make sure your Instagram or TikTok profile is set to public. Thank you!

  • All brand ambassadors are asked to post twice a month on your Instagram feed or Facebook timeline.

  • All brand ambassadors are asked to follow for @superseedintl and like and comment as soon as possible after each post is made.

  • Brand ambassadors are asked to wear, promote, and share Super Seed Intl products as often as convenient.

  • Brand ambassadors are asked to interact, like, and comment within their own social media channels. Engagement is key.

  • All brand ambassadors are asked to repost our giveaways and contests.

  • All brand ambassadors are asked to use as many of our frequently used social hashtags, and we ask you to encourage your network to do the same: #SuperSeedIntl 

  • Brand ambassadors may be asked from time to time to help with local events and/or expos.

  • Brand ambassadors will contribute to feedback requested on new flavors, products, giveaways.

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