Quinoa farmers in Peru farming superfoods



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Quinoa is the staple ingredient in most of our products because of its nearly perfect nutritional level.  It provides the body the most life-giving nutrients resulting in the best all around health and beauty benefits.



Our products are the best because we only use the world's purest and most powerful natural ingredients.  And we never sacrifice quality for anything less.  That's our cause.

Superfood quinoa crop in Peru
maca root

Our cause is to use powerful ingredients that work.  Maca for example is very nourishing and is a great source of important vitamins and minerals, proteins, omega acids, fiber, vitamins B & C, copper, iron, potassium, and manganese to name a few.  Maca has flavonoids and is known for balancing hormone levels, improving mental well being and mood, improving memory, reducing menopause symptoms in women, increasing blood flow, stamina, promoting a healthy libido, gaining muscle, increasing strength, boosting energy and improving all-around performance.



They are super because they are rich in compounds.  Our products are made from an exotic variety of ingredients ranging from superfoods to exotic Andean clay.  These ingredients are exotic because of their origin and because of their unique and desired benefits.  Take lucuma as an example.  One of the ingredients used in our daily nutrients fix.  Lucuma is the real fountain of youth superfood.  Known as the gold of the Incas, lucuma is low-glycemic, rich in calcium and provides a vast quantity of anti-oxidants like vitamin C and trace minerals, which help strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammation and slow the aging process.  An exotic superfood for beautiful skin, hair, strength and health.