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The superfoods and Andean clay in Mane Rx help cleanse, condition, nourish, speed up hair growth, prevent fall-off, soothe and shine, make hair manageable, rids dandruff, moisturize, balance oils, strengthen hair, add volume, prevent split-ends, fight environmental aggressors, protect color, prevent fading, remove frizz, leaving hair thick, bright, healthy and smooth.



The superfoods and Andean clay in Mane Rx help cleanse, moisturize, nourish, Rejuvenate, soothe, hydrate, add smoothness, add glow, filter UV, fight acne, prevent blackheads, improve pores, improve coloration, prevent wrinkles, exfoliate, remove excess oils, dirt and junk, leaving skin glowing, beautiful and youthful.

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Mane Rx uses a new technology of purely natural ingredients that are live and active to immediately activate upon treatment, infusing your hair and skin with new life.



Activate the mane effect that gives you luscious, thick, healthy hair, and youthful, beautiful skin to be the hair and beauty king! 

For men

Although Mane Rx was designed with men in mind, women can also use Mane Rx.

Tried and tested for all hair types

Tried and tested by the professionals, Mane Rx is expert-approved to naturally cleanse, nourish and condition all hair types, protect color by preventing fading, and leave hair radiant and rich.

Dermatologist approved for sensitive skin

Our carefully hand-picked ingredients are dermatologist approved, hypoallergenic and gentle for all kinds of sensitive skin.

Hair growth

Our carefully hand-picked ingredients stimulate nutrient circulation to the scalp for faster, healthier and radiant hair growth.

Hair loss

Our carefully hand-picked ingredients are nutrient-rich in essential nutrients that prevent hair falloff and thinning.

Dermatologist approved for acne

Our carefully hand-picked ingredients are tested and approved by dermatologist for cleansing, disinfecting, balancing and nourishing the skin gently and naturally.

Contact with eyes

If accidental contact with the eyes occurs rinse eyes with lukewarm water thoroughly to prevent irritation.

Accidentally ingested

Accidental ingestion isn't harmful but can cause pain in the stomach due to the natural bitterness of quinoa saponin. If desired wash mouth, and manually generate nausea until product is regurgitated.


Our carefully hand-picked ingredients reduce the inflammation-causing yeast on your scalp, the driving force behind flakes, and keep the scalp and hair clean, nourished and moisturized.

How to apply

Open and stir. Wet hair and face. Use a tsp. to Tbsp. of Mane Rx. Gently, rub paste with fingers unto different areas of the hair and face. Leave in for 30-60 seconds then rinse gently. Wash daily as often as necessary.

*For the hair, Mane Rx can be used with or without shampoo & conditioner.

Simple cleanup

Cleanup left over residue on shower or sink with water.