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5 Easy Hair Tips for Men

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Men here are five tips that will drastically improve your hair no matter the situation. Before you start with the good genetics spill keep reading to learn five easy hair tips that will take your hair game from where it is now to a ten. Now a lot of people see my brother Cesar or myself and think that we always had this long luscious beautiful hair, but what they don’t see is the consistent tender love and care we put into it. Now I will go ahead and say that these five tips that I’m about to share with you aren’t difficult to do and they’re not going to break your wallet, but they do require consistency and of course over time the results will be compounding. One more thing, what if you have thinning hair or are bald? These next tips are going to address that as well. Now there isn’t a single product on the market that will turn someone completely bald into Fabio, but there are a lot of men who think that their hair loss is due to genetics when in reality their hair loss can be due to many other underlying factors, in which case these next five tips will be beneficial to you as well so keep reading.

Cesar Valdizan President Super Seed International and Fabio Lanzoni

Tip 1

Nutrition. Wait a minute I didn’t sign up for a nutrition class. Yes I know, right! Don’t worry this isn’t a lecture this is just a quick tip that can help you with your hair goals. Nutrition is important because not getting the right balance of essential nutrients is like trying to grow a tree without watering it. It’s just not going to happen. Now like I said this isn’t a lecture and like I mentioned these are five easy tips that anyone can do, so I’m not going to tell you to change your diet, but I will recommend a natural product that gives you a daily nutrients fix of all the essential nutrients. And it’s personally one that I have been using for years now and it’s one of my secrets to amazing hair. Now anyone can consume this product because it’s real food, all natural, vegan, gluten free, non-gmo, hypoallergenic and made with only three natural ingredients which are quinoa, lucuma and maca. These three superfoods not only will benefit your hairs health but they also have amazing health benefits so I strongly recommend consuming it in general. The product is QuinoAmino and that’s going to be a game changer for you.

Tip 2

Get rid of your hair products with chemicals. Almost every hair product in mainstream markets are saturated with chemicals. Chemicals to make them smell good, foam while you lather, or even to change their texture to something that gives you the sensation that it’s working and making your hair smoother but the truth is these chemicals don’t work and they’re damaging your hair. Have you ever washed your hair with regular shampoo and while you’re washing it feels like soft, silky foam is flowing through your hair and you’re expecting your hair to be just as soft and silky afterwards but to your dismay your hair goes right back to the dry dehydrated feeling minutes after? You’re not the only one, that’s because companies like to give the effect that your hair is becoming healthier, shinier, smoother or silky but in reality they’re just adding cheap chemicals to their ingredients that damage your hair. So try to limit your use of these unnatural hair products. You may also be familiar with the self claimed “natural” hair products but when you open them they don’t seem much different than the regular ones other than certain marketing keywords written on their labels such as natural, paraben free, sulfate free and so on. Now yes they may be a little better than the regular hair products but they’re still using synthetic ingredients which are still not good for your hair. If you want something easy that’s really natural and works try Mane Rx. Mane Rx is a hair and skin treatment for men and I personally have been using it for a couple of years and not only does it benefit my all around hair health but it’s also an amazing face wash as well. Now Mane Rx is super natural, it’s a living product which means its ingredients aren’t dead so they activate to really deep treat the hair to give you those results you want. It only has four ingredients and one of the main ingredients is an Andean clay with exciting vitamins and minerals that do wonders to reverse hair damage and rejuvenate your hair. I strongly recommend substituting all of your hair products for a bottle of Mane Rx as it will accomplish all of your hair goals with it.

Tip 3

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