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Cesar Valentino: The Most Beautiful Man in the World

Chapter 2: The Dream

Cesar Valentino Valdizan the Ceo of Super Seed International

He had fallen asleep underneath the moonlight next to the small fire pit he had built from scrap wood he had collected. He fell rapidly into a dream. His heart beating to the bangs of drums. Tum tum, tum tum. He found himself running around in a wild jungle. Running into sharp plants and trees, rubbing against sharp edges, trying to flee something chasing him. He couldn’t see what was chasing him, other than its eyes and the feeling that this wild thing was after him. Running with sonic speed he found himself barefooted hurdling over roots and branches and maneuvering over knocked down trees. He was surrounded by wild, full grown vegetation.

He thought he had lost him, the thing chasing him. His breath finally started to slow down and become calm when all of a sudden out of the bushes a wild boar with long sharp tusks jumped out right in front of him, with just enough time to turn and stare it in the eyes Cesar Valentino screamed AGRRRRR. He awoke from his sleep. His eyes wide opened, breathing heavy and in a frantic he felt around to regain his orientation, feeling his chest, his face and body to check for wounds, he was okay.

He realized it was a dream, a bad one, but one that had awaken a warning, a possibility of what might be lurking out in the island. He huddled up into safety and picked up a strong branch that could be used as a weapon if needed to and looked all around all 360 degrees observing his surroundings. This was his first night alone in the jungle and it was going to be one of many.

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