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Hair Glow Up

Lets cut right to the point. How do you get that hair glow up? The answer is simple, if you really want healthy and beautiful hair you need to throw away both your shampoo and conditioner and switch to Mane Rx. I’ve been using Mane Rx for twelve months now and my hair hasn’t been happier! Let’s start off with what Mane Rx does for you. With this amazing hair and skin treatment you are moisturizing, shining, and exfoliating the scalp just like you would with shampoo or conditioner but there’s one big difference, Mane’s natural ingredients! With Mane Rx you don’t need to worry about checking the ingredients label when you pick up the bottle because Mane Rx only has four natural, super ingredients. Unlike other self claimed “natural” shampoos or conditioners, when you open Mane Rx you’ll know the difference right away. Mane’s ingredients are live and active which is why it’s recommended to refrigerate. These real natural, live and active ingredients work wonders for all hair types.

It May Not Be For Me

Curly, straight, wavy, bleached, frizzy, and the rest of all hair types your hair may be right now Mane Rx is the perfect fit. If you have curly hair, using Mane Rx will reduce the frizz and define your tight or loose curls because of the special Andean clay that helps with frizz reduction. The oil in Mane Rx gives shine, and fights tension and stress on your scalp. You may not have curly hair, so why would you need to know this? Because everything in Mane Rx is going to make your hair better no matter the type of hair.

Neveah Valdizan of Super Ssed Intl’ showing off her Hair Glow after Mane Rx

Begin Your Hair Goals, It’s Simple

The next time you step into the tub, instead of washing it with anything, wash it with Mane Rx because you are preventing it from the dangerous chemicals that are harming your hair and on top of that Mane Rx is giving you the same stunning hair glow that is healthy to keep growing, strengthening and shining. Because it is organic, Mane Rx will surpass any shampoo or conditioner and will help you no matter what get closer to reaching your hair dreams.

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