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Is Your Health Needing Improvement?

Updated: Mar 26

From every point of view, the American health is deteriorating. You don’t need to go far to see more and more children looking sickly, as well as behaving sickly. Too much food, and badly prepared foods and products are making our youth sick at younger ages. One third of America's children are badly nourished, overweight or at risk of being overweight. They are increasingly prone to a form of diabetes or mental illness that was previously only seen in adults and as a result they are taking more drugs than ever, and the negative effects of drugs are both physical and mental. Type 1 diabetes, is one of the most devastating diseases that a child can suffer from and it is linked to eating habits.

The Most Powerful Weapon

Cesar Valdizan president of Super Seed International holding a QuinoAmino bottle

A good diet is the mos