Interview with the Lion

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Today you will read inspiring details about why and how Cesar the founder of Super Seed International, also known as the Peruvian Lion, grew his famous mane, through excerpts from an exclusive interview he had with one of his Instagram followers and long hair aficionado @eriksglassofwater.

Erik: So I forgot to ask, but why did you want to grow your hair long in the first place?

Cesar: I was simply inspired to do it when I was 28 years old because I was unhappy with short hair for so many years.

Erik: Oh, I see. Why were you unhappy? I'd love to know! I was also unhappy with short hair for the longest time.

Cesar: Sucked for me. I couldn’t ever find a short hair haircut that pleased me. Was hard to maintain too. Always going to the barber or salon once the short hair starts growing and you don’t know what to do with it. I remembered when I was a kid I loved long hair and I realized why.

Erik: What did you realize? Just that long hair is easier to manage? Or have you always deeply wanted your hair to be long?

Cesar: I think it’s a combination. As a child I loved long hair. I didn’t realize that till a grown man. But as a grown man I realize long hair is a lot easier to manage than short. And if groomed well can look far more stylish than short hair.

Cesar, the Peruvian Lion didn’t know what to expect when he decided to grow his hair, but what he did was to focus on doing two things: First, he made sure that his nutrition was on magnificent and second he made sure that his hair products were the best.

Magnificent nutrition equals magnificent hair

The daily amino acids, vitamins, minerals and nutrients essential to keep the body alive, growing and glowing are the same ones that make magnificent hair. QuinoAmino Daily Nutrients Fix is Cesar’s holy grail food product that he consumes daily to nourish his body, as well as keep his magnificent hair alive, growing and glowing.

To Cesar the hair is like a plant and the scalp is like the soil. Whatever product Cesar uses it has to be the best for his hair. Cesar trusts Mane Rx with his hair because it’s the epitome of a what a pure hair product is. It’s so pure it has to be refrigerated because its technology uses live and active ingredients that feed the scalp and hair majestic nutrients for the most majestic mane. Through Mane Rx Cesar benefits from an, all in one, cleansing, conditioning and moisturizing treatment that helps prevent his hair from falling off, speeds its growth, repairs any damage and leaves his hair luscious and manageable under any weather conditions. Cesar love and uses Mane Rx daily.

Due to QuinoAmino and Mane Rx, Cesar’s mane rises above and beyond the majesty of any other lion or lioness, making him the king of all jungles. Try QuinoAmino and Mane Rx today.

Cesar Valdizan CEO Super Seed International

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