Is Covid-19 Real?

Is Covid-19 real? That by far has to be the biggest question of the century. Now I know many of you out there are convinced Covid-19 is real but just to be fair there are many people who genuinely don’t know, and you can’t blame them for that. With all of these inconsistencies regarding this virus, who can you trust? We’ve heard it all, scientist, politicians, news, fake news, conspiracists, friends, family members and so on. So who do you trust? Now I don’t want to stir up any more drama than there already is out there or create anymore confusion, nor do I want to offend or disrespect anyone. I know there are lots of people who have actually lost someone due to this virus and hell that is as real as it gets, but I also know there are a lot of people who have not lost someone and who have survived this virus. So is the virus real or not? Well in my experience to me the virus was no more than a mild flu, and whether or not that was a real virus by the name of Covid-19 I think the question is Covid-19 real, refers to if all the pandemonium and lockdowns are really necessary or if all of this is getting blown out of proportion for other reasons and interests?

The Reason Why People Question Covid-19

Now there are two stands to this, those who believe it’s absolutely real, the ones who think your are a careless, selfish asshole/killer if you don’t stay inside, wear a mask 24 hours a day even in between chewing your food, or if you visit friends or relatives, and then there are those that think this entire thing is a hoax, that the virus is man made or made up or that it’s another form of the flu. Now I’m not going to tell you what to think or do, hell you’re all adults and can reason for yourselves, but what I will share today are some truths, universal truths that apply to everything, pre and post Covid-19. Principles that don’t change. Entire states are being shut down, businesses are closing, people are out of work. These are known facts. So let’s talk about this for a minute. The reason why people question whether or not Covid-19 is real is because of what is happening all around us. In what other time period in history do you recall when the entire world shut down? I'm not talking about just certain continents or countries, we're talking about the entire world as a whole. That hasn't happened before, at least not in our lifetime. So why are we shutting down an entire world economy when the virus has less than a one percent chance of killing you? Now I'm not saying this to be a dick who doesn't think of the hundreds of thousands of people who have lost their lives to Covid-19, but I'm simply pointing out the facts of the situation at hand.

Is Covid-19 Real?

Super Bowl Sunday

Let's pretend this was Super Bowl Sunday and your team had a 99% chance of winning the Super Bowl, and your opponents team only had a 1% chance. Would you place all of your life savings on the opponent team knowing those odds? Absolutely not, unless somehow you had been tricked into believing that 1% chance of losing was greater than your 99% chance of winning. So when the question is asked, is Covid-19 real? People are asking this because the facts don't make sense. It doesn't make sense to know that you have 99% odds going for you but yet people in charge are telling you otherwise as if the 1% is greater than the 99%. The leads to the next subject, people in charge. We live in a country where we have leaders who are supposed to have the best interest of the country, leaders in whom we should be able to trust, but lately this has not been the case. There have been numerous recent cases in where these leaders have blatantly lied to the public. Demanding that the public do things that they themselves won't abide by. For example Governor Newsom from California has been under the spotlight lately for being a hypocrite mandating California business to stay close, while conveniently leaving his business opened. Not only that, but he has mandated no in door dining only to be seen dinning indoors with friends and family. Even after he mandated California residents from gathering with more than three people over thanksgiving. That is hypocrisy at its finest or should I say worst. Governor Newsom isn't the only politician who has repeatedly lied to the public. So it seems as if Covid-19 isn't a serious thing to them personally but to the public on the other hand, they treat it as if its the end of the world, going as far as telling people to cancel everything, cancel walking outside if possible, put on a mask in between chewing food and so on. Hence why people cannot take this seriously when there is so much contradiction and hypocrisy.

Heart Disease is the Number One Killer in America

In America heart disease has been the number one killer for decades, claiming the lives of millions. Each year hundreds of thousands of Americans die from heart disease, but not once have the politicians gone out of their way to close down every single fast food chain in America. To mandate them to only use healthy ingredients, rather than using ingredients which have been proving by science to cause the very root of the issue which claims millions of lives. Why haven't we seen pandemonium for this? Actually rather than seeing that we see a fast food restaurant in nearly every block in every city. We are surrounded by them. Studies have been done that prove that these kinds of foods are as addictive as drugs, but there isn't anything done on the same level as this pandemic to slow down the rate of heart disease in America. The reason why nothing has been done at the same level as this pandemic to stop this real killer is that there is financial interest involved and it would not surprise me if that were the same case with regards to the current pandemic. You now hear of big pharmaceutical companies battling each other, racing to see who will develop the first vaccine. And now you also hear about possible mandates requiring everyone to get this vaccine. All of the contradictions are the root to all of these questions about whether or not the Covid-19 is real.

Let's Talk Facts

Let's talk facts, immune system facts. It is a fact that your immune system is what will help you fight off a virus. If your immune system is compromised your chances of fighting the virus off are lessened. Here's another fact, fear is weakens your immune system. Fear, stress, anxiety, confusion, worry all of these things weaken a healthy persons immune system, and when you have a weak immune system you are more at risk of getting sick and it is harder to fight off a virus then. Fact, right now fear levels are going through the roof, everywhere you turn you have the media spreading fear, focusing on only the worst which is the 1% and totally leaving out the good or the 99%. Fact, fast food kills, healthy foods don't. Why is it that everyone knows what Coca Cola is or McDonalds, but very few people know what Quinoa is? Quinoa is the healthiest food on the planet, but it's probably one of the least known foods on the planet. On the other hand the most popular foods on this planet are the unhealthiest foods on this planet, they weaken your immune system, cause heart disease, diabetes and so on, but nothing has been done to ban these foods. The list of facts can go on and on, but it's pretty clear that having a healthy immune system is a good thing and necessary to increase your chances of fighting this virus. Eating healthy foods like the quinoa found in QuinoAmino are also essential for your immune system. Knowing these facts will help you be able to make your own educated decision about this virus so that you won't feel so confused listening to people who might not have your best interest at hand. I do not mean to offend or disrespect anyone by sharing this, I just hope to open your eyes in order to help you see the entire situation based on facts and universal truths. In summary I believe Covid-19 is a virus, the Corona virus has been around before this global pandemic, however I see that there is clear evidence of deceit and fraud by those in power to make this thing bigger than it needs to be, I believe that if the real cause was to save lives, they should start with heart disease which is the number one killer in the United States claiming more lives than Covid-19. Lastly I know the importance of having a healthy immune system and know that getting rid of fear is something great for your immune system, as fear can grow and spreads like a Cancer. Stick to being healthy, laughing, making fun memories, eating healthy, for this I personally turn to QuinoAmino since its a daily nutrients fix complementing any food or beverage with all of the essential nutrients vital to a healthy immune system. I hope this will help others who are searching for answers with all the Covid-19 confusions.

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