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Is Long Hair in Style for Guys?

This has been a trending subject over the last couple of years. And what better time to start growing out that hair since due to the 2020 pandemic most Hair salons and barbershops have had to remain closed or move to outside parking lots, so getting a hair appointment to see your stylist or barber has been delayed by weeks or even months.

Gorgeous Manes

So is long hair in style for guys in 2020? The answer is yes! More and more men have opted to growing out their gorgeous manes. Modeling agencies who stay up to day with the latest hair trends are casting more and more for long haired male models. Some of your most famous celebrities, actors and singers have opted for longer hair as well such as Brad Pitt, Harry Styles, Jason Momoa, Jared Leto, amongst many others to name a few. So if you’re a guy considering growing your hair out you’ll want to know a few tips and tricks to help you grow your hair faster, healthy and naturally.

Piero Valdizan VP Super Seed International

Natural Beauty is Unparalleled

The first thing you want to know when growing out your hair is that it’s all about embracing your natural beauty. This is the most important part when growing your hair out because like a Lion with a beautiful mane, natural beauty is unparalleled but many guys become turned off in the initial hair growth process, which is also referred to as the “awkward hair phase,” the part when the hair is growing but it’s still too short to do much with. That’s when we recommend using these next natural products that help your hair grow fast. The first product is QuinoAmino. QuinoAmino is a superfood powder that you can consume daily with any food or beverage. QuinoAmino has essential amino acids from its main ingredient quinoa, which are super important for fast hair growth. In addition to helping your hair grow a lot faster, QuinoAmino has a ton of other benefits for your hairs health and beauty, and it also benefits your all around health so we strongly recommend using it daily even if you don’t want to grow your hair out. The other natural hair product that we recommend is Mane Rx which is an all natural hair and skin treatment made just for men! Mane Rx nourishes cleanses and conditions that hair and scalp. It has Andean clay with special properties that are amazing for your hairs benefits, it helps moisturize your hair, balances it’s natural oils, protects is color, strengthens your hair and so much more. Unlike other products Mane Rx is a living product that only has 4 ingredients which act fast at treating your hair, helping you be the hair and beauty king. So if you’ve decided that you want to give long hair a shot then remember these tips that will ensure you to have a beautiful mane. Until next time and have fun being part of the long haired men club.

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