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Long vs Short Hair?

Which is better long hair vs short Hair? For me the answer is easy and I base my choice over three questions: which looks amazing on me, which is most comfortable on me and which is easiest to maintain?

Cesar Valdizan Founder of Super Seed International

Long Hair Looks Amazing

Long hair looks amazing on me. My facial structure and long hair compliment each other well. I can’t go anywhere without a compliment on how amazing my long hair is. So, you have to be honest with yourself on this one, but be careful, because being honest with yourself doesn’t mean having a pre-conceived notion of what you think is honest. It means being open minded to the possibility if long hair really compliments your look or not.

Here’s, a tip, if you never had long hair you really don’t know if it will look good on you. Contrary to your creative thoughts, you can’t imagine well enough if long hair will or will not look good on you, and even if you have a computer generated image of your face with long hair, you really can’t picture a reality because no computer is accurate enough to guess your natural long hair growth pattern, it would only be guessing. A tip to remember when seeing if long hair is for you is to ask yourself, does my face look overweight? Not, do I have a round face, but, is my face overweight? If the answer is yes, then neither long or short hair will compliment your face well, in fact short hair might look more funny on you. Think of “Homer Simpson”. Does his very little hair make his face look good? So if you have a “Homer Simpson” face then you know that longer hair might actually be a better look for you.

I can never say short hair looked amazing on me. Good at times, yes, but amazing, never. God is my witness, I can’t think I ever had one person tell me, “you have great hair”, while I had short hair. Compliments about my short hair were non-existent. I didn’t know what a compliment about my hair was while I had short hair and it is a planetary distance of a difference between the compliments and great reaction my long hair gets everyday now.

Now, long and short mean something different to the sexes. For women long hair seems to mean hair length below the shoulder and for men it means hair length that is reaching the shoulder or beyond. Either way, you can apply the guidance above based on what you think long or short hair mean to you. If I was to rank how amazing long hair looks on men and women versus short hair, using a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being most amazing, I would have to say long hair is always between a 5 to 10 (depending on how amazing it looks) to an always 1 to 5 for short hair. I have only seen short hair look great on one girl, and she’s an ex super model, Nicole Murphy, but even then, long hair would look even more stunning on her, because with her short hair, it was really the lack of hair that made a difference on her look, she could have had her head shaved and it probably would have looked the same, her lack of hair made her beautiful features stand out, but I truly believe with long hair, it would be the total package for her look.

Which is Most Comfortable?

Is long hair or short hair more comfortable to have? I have been on both ends of the spectrum, having had hair as short as a shaved head to having hair long and past my elbows. The answer is simple here. No hair is the most comfortable to have because it’s like being naked. You just don’t have to deal with any clothes and you feel less weight on you. The shorter the hair the more moveable you seem to be because you don’t have to think about your hair, in fact you think as if you have just a head, not hair. Having long hair is not like being a lion or some sort of feline, you’re not covered with fur everywhere, so the level of comfort of long hair is very good when it comes to ventilation. People sometimes ask me if it gets hot, and my answer is always no, because a nice mane is just that, a nice mane, it’s not coupled with surrounding fur like an animal. The only time I can think of that a mane creates a tiny bit of extra heat on me, would be when I’m about to sleep. Moving your mane can also be uncomfortable when you’re laying in bed or doing tasks that require you to lean forward, sometimes you just don’t want to deal with anything that might delay you doing something. I know there are times I don’t want to feel or see the weight of my mane when I’m relaxing. So if I was to rate the level of comfort of having long hair versus short hair, 10 being most comfortable, I would rate it a 7 out of 10 for long hair and a 10 out of 10 for short. Long hair can be uncomfortable at times to deal with, but it’s definitely not that uncomfortable that I would feel comfortable saying it’s below a 7. A three point comfort reduction is significant enough to make a clear point, but not big enough to give way to “urban legends” of the lack of comfort of having long hair.