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Mane Rx: Be The Hair and Beauty King!

I love long hair and a beautiful skin for so many reasons. One of them is that long hair looks great on me and baby skin, the older I get, keeps me looking ageless. Whether you have short or long hair, it’s not about the length, it’s all about how it looks on you. One main reason your hair and skin don’t look good is because they’re dying and in need of life. Why have hair and skin if it won’t flow and glow?

I Don't Want Your Hair and Beauty to Continue Going Unnoticed

I don’t want your hair and beauty to continue going unnoticed so I’ve created Mane Rx just for that, for you to be the hair and beauty king! I say king because I created Mane Rx for men. Men have no one trying help them be beautiful, whether by product or example. Men have countless self-help and fitness gurus but no true health and beauty guru. And I can argue that beauty is just the same, if not even more conducive to opportunities, than both money and fitness can conduce to. Women on the other hand have understood beauty privilege for a long time and they have more than enough people trying to teach them that. Men, on the other hand, have been using women’s products to wash both their face and hair; and in all indifference those women’s products aren’t even that good. So, with Mane Rx, I have come to save your beauty and launch you into a realm of unattained beauty like you’ve never dreamt of and this is why: I remember one day I was meditating and fell into a deep sleep and while in this space of a trance I saw a vision and became enlightened that I needed to make a shampoo for men using the super special seed, quinoa. I was inspired from Above to help the American men and men everywhere to achieve greater beauty! Beauty is the symbol of a progressive society and American men have been left out for far too long from attaining it. It is okay for our women to look beautiful but unexpected from our men. Not anymore gents, because the more beautiful you look and feel, the happier you will be, women get it, and you will too.

With the Guide of this Vision

With the guide of this vision I immediately knew what I had to do. I had been using this special super seed, quinoa, as the main ingredient for QuinoAmino, one of Super Seed’s products; and my mom had taught me that the quinoa seed is protected with a special natural gloss that has been used for centuries by the Incas and their descendants to wash and cleanse their hair and body beautifully. I then thought of the things I didn’t like about all those products for women that I had seen and been using, products that didn’t even really work, and I sought to create the perfect, all in one, working hair and skin product. I knew the quinoa gloss was a superb cleanser for all ages and races I knew it would be gold to the hair and skin, but I wanted to go beyond that. I wanted this product to go above and beyond: cleanse, condition, moisturize, exfoliate, facilitate hair-growth, volumize, nourish the hair and skin and more! A true, king of a hair and skin product. No more having to deal with this product or that product, and no more guessing if it works. So I had to dig deeper and found 3 more super special ingredients to combine the quinoa gloss with; a super clay from the Andes mountains, rich in vitamins and minerals; as well as the juice of the nettle plant and the oil of the rosemary plant, all native ingredients to Peru’s rich super soils full of the properties necessary to achieve an exhilarating and livening effect to your hair and beauty! These 4 ingredients became Mane Rx, the hair and skin treatment and savior that American men have been needing and wanting for so long. Centuries and decades of not having anything to help us men in America, and elsewhere, be beautiful. Far too long! Say hello to true beauty now gents. No more using soaps or women’s shampoos and conditioners, and others.

Cesar Valdizan founder of super seed international holding up a Mane Rx poster

Say Hello to Mane Rx

Say hello to Mane Rx, which is bringing in a new era in the daily treating of the hair and skin of men in America and everywhere; because these 4 ingredients have the power to save. Yes, save the hair and skin from dying because these 4 special ingredients use a live and active technology, with ingredients that remain alive and ready to infuse life into your hair and skin to give you healthy, beautiful and youthful hair and skin; and that’s the Mane effect, the effect to make you the hair and beauty king! Yes ladies, you too can use