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Our Generation’s Fabio

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

It was close to midnight on New Year’s Eve at one of Michael Foroutan’s exclusive New Year’s Eve parties in Los Angeles. Champagne was bubbling from the glasses and the beautiful party goers from celebrities to the staff were enjoying the excitement. In these exclusive Los Angeles parties few celebrities are as recognizable as Fabio, the legendary Italian model that graced book covers and commercials in the 1990’s. He was the epitome of a supermodel and his famous, long buttery hair and chiseled features are legendary famous.

When you’re Fabio famous people look at you with a glitter in their eyes. Their minds can’t process whether to pounce on you or stop staring. This is the fame of Fabio and Fabio was attending Michael’s exclusive New Year’s Eve party, but most people were not paying attention to Fabio because in that same party César was there and César’s immaculately, shiny long hair and chiseled features were sending a message of beauty and stardom to the party goers that only the 1990’s Fabio could have sent.

The Epitome of a Supermodel

César’s recognizability over Fabio's at the party was making César uncomfortable because he personally knew Fabio to be a good man and one that he respected, but everywhere César stepped in the party people, excitedly kept calling him, “Fabio”, while Fabio was standing nearby. While feeling a sense of embarrassment for Fabio, César was approached by a party going couple to have a photograph taken with them and when César told the couple that he wasn’t Fabio and pointed to where Fabio was, the couple refused to go away, loudly stating to César, “We don’t care, you’re Fabio to us.”

Just as Fabio was the epitome of a supermodel he was also the image of health and beauty; and though Fabio has aged, his 1990’s image as the face of health and beauty has not. The famous long hair and chiseled features continues to represent the next level of supermodels and the image of health and beauty, a legend everyone wants to have a part of.

César did not grow up being Fabio and neither did Fabio grow up being Fabio so to speak. Aside from genetics there is a significant amount of consideration that must be put into what people do and eat to look like Fabio.

Cesar Valdizan President Super Seed International and Fabio Lanzoni

Our Generation's Fabio

Victor Phillip Marquez recently commented in one of César’s Instagram post’s: “Our generation’s Fabio”, and rightly so. As the new Fabio of this generation, and as the new image of health and beauty César swears by the produc