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Processed Foods Explained 101

Updated: Mar 26

We’ve all heard that processed foods are bad for you, which is almost always true, with all the processed, empty nutrient foods out there. But what about those healthy foods that require a little processing in order to be able to consume or digest for that matter? Oatmeal for example is a very healthy food that requires a little bit of processing to take those oats and make them available to consume. Cold pressed juices are considered healthy and go through processing as well. There are a couple of things to consider when you talk about processed foods. One, what is being added to the food, and two what is being taken from the food. That is why it’s important to always read the ingredients label. Ideally you want to keep the food natural and maintain as much of its nutrients in it.

The Healthiest Food on the Planet

Quinoa is the healthiest food on the planet and it is another food that requires a little processing in order to consume. That is because the quinoa seed cannot be digested raw. Hence that leads us to the innovative food extrusion process which is a fast, continuous and homogeneous way of cooking. You apply this mechanical induced process of thermal and mechanical energy to the food, processed at high pressure and interval temperatures. This is the fastest and most wholesome, natural way to process QuinoAmino’s only three ingredients; quinoa, lucuma and maca for instant consumption, remaining a whole food while diminishing the destruction of its essential nutrients as well as its vitamins and other heat sensitive nutrients.

Micro shot of QuinoAmino