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Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Most teens have never gone a day without looking at themselves in the mirror. Whether we feel good about ourselves or not we all are looking at the same thing, our appearance. For many of us teens it’s one of the most important things that we care about, because we want to look good. And most of us wouldn’t like to see the sudden look of a zit on our face. No one wants to deal with zits and no one would want to come back to that mirror knowing a zit is there.

Neveah Valdizan VP of Teens Health, Beauty & Glow of Super Seed Intl

There’s a Solution and It’s Easy

So I ask you readers this. What would make you feel more empowered? Having zits and feeling helpless about it? Or having zits and not caring about it because you know how to make them go away? With Mane Rx, the all-natural hair and skin treatment you can forget the mirrors, forget the obsession over your zits and use Mane Rx to wash those zits away and know that you‘ll look good.

Neveah Valdizan VP of Teens Health, Beauty & Glow of Super Seed Intl

Glow Up

Like I said, zits suck. But how do we get them in the first place? One of the two main reasons is hormones, the second reason is diet. Mane Rx benefits your skin’s health because of its specific nutrients needed by your body to eliminate the zits caused by the toxins in some of the foods we eat. Mane Rx solves zits and repairs the byproduct of zits. It might be your job to eat right but when you start to use Mane Rx you will start to look right because your face will look clean and you will experience the glow of the mane effect.

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