The 3 Tips to Have the Best Face as a Teenager

Let’s Face it, You Haven’t Faced it.

When you are a child you do not need to wear makeup for two reasons. Your skin is clean and you are young. Both of these reasons are brought up because when we grow up we idealize the belief that growing up will be the reason we don’t have clean and clear skin. For example, if you are going out somewhere, and you wear make-up that you feel makes you look better and hide things like scars you do not believe that you are young and you have healthy skin. It’s as simple as that, but you can choose to show your face without make up and take the first step to having clean and youthful skin even if you have aging and unhealthy skin. The second step you need to take to have clean and youthful skin is to PRESERVE your face with Mane Rx the all new skin and hair treatment that cleanses, moisturizes, nourishes, rejuvenates, soothes, hydrates, adds smoothness, adds glow, filters UV, fights acne, prevents blackheads, improves pores, improves coloration, prevents wrinkles, exfoliates, removes excess oils, dirt and junk, leaving skin glowing, beautiful and youthful. With Mane Rx you will never need to hide your face again.

Neveah Valdizan Teen Health, Beauty and Glow VP at Super Seed International

How to Face it (and why)

The truth is you don’t need makeup because not only does it make you appear older and mature by eliminating that youthful natural look, but it will actually age your skin drastically. You can’t undo the acne, scars or even wrinkles that begin building when you become a teenager. But you can clean that acne, heal the scars, give your face life AGAIN. With Mane Rx you can be a child again because Mane Rx isn’t makeup, it is a natural ingredient based product. And natural is what your face needs to be clear, clean and youthful again.

Now You Can See it Too

I have saved the best for last because feeling confident with your face is not just about how you feel about it but what you do about it. The rosemary oil in Mane Rx increases circulation and oxygenation which turns AGING skin into radiantly glowing youthful skin. The nettle juice in Mane Rx contributes another role to youthful skin because of its abundance in Vitamin D and C. And the Andean clay reduces moisture on the skin preventing wrinkles! When you use the product Mane Rx, you are getting more young and clean skin all in one! Don’t hide your face, put a spotlight on it and feel beautiful again. Being true to yourself is being true to your natural face and showing it off. You don’t have to grow up, you can glow up! And with Mane Rx you can preserve and take care of your face. That's what Mane Rx does.

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