The Man Justin Bieber Wants to Look Like

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

One day I got done hiking Runyon Canyon in Hollywood and I saw an entourage of people walk by me while I was dusting my tennis shoes. They were mainly big, overweight men that looked like security guards, and a thin framed man with tattoos in the middle. They were enjoying their conversation as they approached me and suddenly the thin framed guy hushed the group with his voice saying, “I just want to look like that guy.” They walked passed me and the thin framed guy made eye contact with me and gave me the respect head-bop, to which I returned the bop.

Justin Bieber with entourage at Runyon Canyon

That Was Justin Bieber

My brother Piero was next to me and said, “Yo, that was Justin Bieber saying he wants to look just like you.” I looked towards the distant group and saw the tattoos and swag and realized it was Justin, because I had seen him multiple times at the clubs I would hangout at in Los Angeles. I went into Justin’s Instagram later to confirm it had been him, and lo and behold he made a post of having been at Runyon Canyon that day with his trainer and bodyguards to get his workout on. I smiled to myself and thought, it’s hard to not want to look like an attractive, shirtless, long-haired man, dripping in sweat, even if you’re Justin Bieber, the world’s most famous pop-star.

Beauty is Beyond Pretty

Everyone wants to look spectacular and beautiful. Here’s the thing, beauty is beyond pretty. There are a lot of pretty people out there, but there aren’t too many beautiful ones. Being beautiful is raw, natural and majestic. You can’t fake beautiful. Have you ever seen a tiger from close up, or a gorilla or a bear? Do they go for spa treatments? No! Are they enchanting to the eye? Yes! Being beautiful isn’t about who has the prettiest nose, or is the tallest or thinnest. Being beautiful is taking yourself out of the box that you could be in and allowing your body’s natural and raw beauty to flaunt, so much that people can’t help but recognize your beauty and will want to compliment it. A beautiful person is stunning to look at because they’re not just pretty, they’re beautiful.

Health and Beauty Go Hand in Hand

Like Justin Bieber, most people have a general idea of what it means to be healthy or pretty; go get your workout on, get a trainer, eat well, use make-up, get a style coach, enhance this or that, but health and pretty don’t impress much. You’re still just one of the many faces. To stand out your health needs to give you beauty, and that generously. Health and beauty go hand in hand, but some of you think beauty is a privilege for a few. Some of you would rather be beautiful than healthy and people pay a lot of money for it putting their health at risk with surgeries and such. Fortunately you don’t need to trade one for the other anymore and it’s what I freely tell people when I’m constantly asked for it from celebrities to everyday “Joes”.

Cesar Valdizan President of Super Seed International, LLC

Be Beautiful

I have been eating the foods I always recommend people since I was little, and when I became an adult I have been using them even more because I turned them into products I could use for myself and share with others, and my health and beauty has awarded me generously for it. The compliments will not stop coming in from both men and women, constantly. This is because beauty is uniqueness. Beauty doesn’t follow trends, and trends follow beauty. Beauty is a work of art. Do you believe you deserve beauty and not just health? I do, and remember that the body craves beauty. The body fiends the products I created. Follow my lead and take advantage of our health and beauty products. You will see, and hear it. It’s empowering to know you’re health is beautiful, so don’t just be healthy and pretty, be beautiful. Thanks Justin!

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