Utah Company Makes Alternative Formula Available To Millions Of America’s Customers During Shortage

Super Seed International announced plans to save nutrition for America’s babies and everyone with an alternative formula from Quinoa.

PROVO , UTAH , USA , May 16, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Super Seed International, founded in 2005 in Provo, Utah, set out to save nutrition for America’s babies with Quinoa.

César “Valentino” Valdizán, model and Founder of Super Seed International

“Now is an urgent time for an alternative baby formula, after a pandemic and so many formula recalls have put millions of America’s babies’ nutrition at risk. I created QuinoAmino, Daily Nutrients Fix, for times like this,” says César “Valentino” Valdizán, the model and Founder of Super Seed International. “Since I was a kid I wanted to do something big for the world. I became fixated on using Quinoa to create an alternative formula to save America’s nutrition when options were low. A formula I could give everyone, from a baby, a malnourished child, or a supermodel and say, take this daily to get the nutrients needed to grow healthy and beautiful.”

QuinoAmino, Daily Nutrients Fix, is made from three superfoods, Quinoa, Lucuma and Maca. These superfoods are rich in the essential nutrients, such as amino acids, vitamins and minerals, that a baby’s body cannot make on its own. “The Quinoa in QuinoAmino is the best known source of vegetable protein because of its perfect composition of amino acids,” says Dr. Craig Coleman, a protein expert at Brigham Young University’s Plant and Wildlife department.

Since its creation Super Seed’s QuinoAmino, Daily Nutrients Fix, has received recognition from customers, and honors and awards from Peru’s Department of Agriculture & Tourism, Caritas International, Brigham Young University PhD’s, etc, for being an innovative alternative to save nutrition from quinoa, an ancient superfood. Super Seed’s announcement that QuinoAmino is an alternative formula available to millions of America’s babies during this baby formula shortage now comes as a life-saver to the nutrition of America’s babies.

“QuinoAmino, Daily Nutrients Fix, has the nutrients for the health & beauty progress of a baby and everyone. During a baby formula shortage its nutrients are an alternative formula for America’s babies daily health needs and for our model and Founder Valentino its nutrients help him achieve the daily beauty benefits he wants. I know there’s not a day he doesn’t take it, he’s a walking billboard of QuinoAmino,” says Piero Valdizán, CEO of Super Seed International.

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