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Walking Billboards

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

When you see him out you’ll understand the term “walking billboard”, Founder of Super Seed International, Cesar Valdizan is the epitome of the term. Why? It’s simple, he’s a living a testimony of his products' results. Cesar Valdizan not only makes products to help others, he alongside his brother and business partner Piero Valdizan are personal customers of their products. One look at the two and you’ll understand that you can’t fake success, they promote health and beauty and they convey just that. Youthful, fit with long, dreamy, rockstar hair they look straight out of a rock band or romance novel cover and they attribute it vastly to the superfoods they consume, the same superfoods they are commercializing through their products.

Cesar Valdizan President of Super Seed Intl.

Just Look at Me

My business goal is to have our products in every American household. I plan on doing that through leading by example. You don’t need to have faith in our products, because you know they work. Just look at me. - Cesar Valdizan

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