Who is Valentino, The Peruvian Lion?

Cesar Valentino Valdizan aka the Peruvian Lion founder of Super Seed International

Known as The Peruvian Lion for his luscious mane and conquering spirit, Cesar Valentino Valdizan is an entrepreneur and the founder of Super Seed International, the world’s best natural health and beauty company. You might know him as Cesar Valentino, the most beautiful man in the world or as Valentino, the creator of QuinoAmino. Cesar is a superstar in the health and beauty industry for his superstar looks, but just as importantly for his superstar health and beauty products like QuinoAmino. Learn about him now as you read, how Valentino created QuinoAmino...

What up yo? It’s your boy Valentino, the creator of QuinoAmino. When I was a child my mom used to always give me Quinoa to eat and I wasn’t a big fan of it, just because of the taste. And as I was growing up I always remember Quinoa and I always remember what my mom used to tell me: It’s the healthiest food on earth. And modern science has said the same thing: Quinoa is considered the healthiest food on earth. Now, as an adult there were a lot of things that I was eating that went against my health, that went against my beauty and they kind of took a toll on my body; and now I'm not able to eat too many things. So, some years ago I came up with the concept of QuinoAmino. I thought to myself, I believe in the power of amazing food to heal and to beautify and that's how the whole concept of QuinoAmino came along. I wanted to be healed and I wanted to create a super product that could give me all of my nutrients that my body can’t make on its own so that I can actually consume it myself because I want to stay nourished, I want to stay healthy, I want to look beautiful. Now, to be honest with you beauty wasn't my first thought when I created QuinoAmino. I simply thought, I just want a product that by taking it I can have all of the life giving nutrients in one serving, that's all I wanted, the life giving nutrients; because I'm not a fan of going to the store and getting a multiplicity of products. I'm not a cook, and that's why QuinoAmino, I thought, this is amazing, I'm simply gonna put Quinoa with Maca and Lucuma and through these three superfood ingredients, through this product QuinoAmino, I can get all of my life giving nutrients that my body doesn't make on its own. Now, the beautiful thing about getting all of your life giving nutrients is that the benefits not only are for your health, but they're actually for your exterior, for your beauty! The life giving nutrients are the nutrients that help our body go through the process of metabolism, in other words, continuously properly reproducing; and those are the ingredients that feed us the amino acids, that feed us the vitamins, that feed us the minerals, the omegas and so on, that our body can’t make on its own for better skin, for anti-aging, for better hair, healthier hair, hair-growth and so on. And so the beauty benefits started showing up in my life and that's one of the amazing things that I actually love about QuinoAmino. I can't go without it because I'm honestly addicted to the beauty benefits! And obviously to the health benefits that I get from QuinoAmino also. Now I don't have to deal with getting so many different foods and whatnot and not knowing what I should be buying, as long as I'm getting my life giving nutrients I feel safe, I'm in the safe zone. I’m comfortable and I'm so happy that QuinoAmino gives me that. Constantly people are asking me: What do you do to grow such amazing hair, how do you stay so youthful, what do you do to stay lean and such? Well it's very simple: Do you believe in the power of food to heal and beautify? It's what I always ask people, and if you do, I say: Go get yourself some Quinoa, go get yourself some Maca, go get yourself some Lucuma. But, if you want your life simplified then I say: Give QuinoAmino a try; because QuinoAmino is those three ingredients at the same time that are going to give the health and beauty benefits that you need, that only a product that’s gonna give you the life giving nutrients can offer you. Now whether you're dealing with diabetes, whether you're going through a cancer battle, whether you have something serious, all the way to you have to have your skin looking better or your hair looking fuller and healthier, QuinoAmino can help you with all of those things just like it has helped the hundreds of people already dealing with those situations from serious to not so serious; and the ingredients in QuinoAmino have been helping people for thousands of years obtain the health and the beauty benefits that they require. So, I always go back with the question when people are constantly asking me questions like: What do you do for your hair? I have everyone here in Los Angeles, from celebrities to just everyday people asking me: How do you grow such amazing hair, what is it, what is it Fabio? They’re constantly asking me, and my answer is always, QuinoAmino. I believe in the power of food to heal and to beautify. So, let me invite you to try this product out. Let me invite you to give it a try. I know for myself I’m taking advantage of it, so I'm inviting you to take advantage of QuinoAmino too. Learn more through the website, and then give it a try. Actually make a purchase and try it out! Much love from your boy The Peruvian Lion, Valentino, the creator of QuinoAmino.

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