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Why You Should Be Eating Lucuma

One of the only three ingredients in QuinoAmino is Lucuma.

Lucama or 'Gold of the Incas' is a subtropical, Peruvian fruit that's only found in the mountainous Andes region. An indigenous staple food, it was first discovered by European conquistadors in Ecuador during the 15th Century. Today it remains a popular food throughout South America (Peru, Ecuador, Chile...), where it's usually served as an ice cream or used to spice up dishes. A sort of mango meets avocado hybrid, this yellow fruit has a sugary taste similar to caramel and maple syrup.

Lucuma boasts numerous benefits. This Andean fruit helps keep skin healthy, improves memory and eyesight. It's also known to boost our immune and cardiovascular systems. Bursting with vitamin B3, Lucuma combats stress, depression and lowers cholesterol levels. It's a turbo-charged energy booster that improves our mental capacity.

Lucuma is a powerful, natural antioxidant that combats signs of ageing caused by oxidative stress. It's packed with zinc, beta-carotene, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, fiber and vitamin C, all of which help our skin. And to top it all, it has healing and anti-inflammatory properties!

Credit to @lorealparis for their skincare article