cesar valentino valdizan founder super seed international, llc with quinoamino
QuinoAmino Postcard Daily Nutrients Fix



Essential nutrient imbalances resulting from poor diets lead to disease.  A daily nutrients fix with quinoa and other superfoods is all you need to help fix the nervous system, cardiovascular system, circulatory system, respiratory system, immune system, lymphatic system, endocrine system, integumentary system, exocrine system, digestive system, excretory system, renal system, urinary system, reproductive system, muscular system, skeletal system and more.



A daily nutrients fix with quinoa and other superfoods is all you need to benefit all around beauty.  Quinoa has all nine essential amino acids that make up a complete protein which benefits skin health, hair health and more.  These superfoods promote healthy weight loss, burn belly fat by boosting your metabolism, speed up hair growth, rejuvenate the skin, improve sleep, nourish the muscles resulting in muscle toning and muscle definition, help lower stress levels and more.  

cesar valdizan valentino founder super seed international, llc